List of the Diversity and Inclusion books that I studied :





Managing Diversity, Toward a Globally inclusive Workplace

by Michalle E. Mor Barak – SAGE Publications, Copyright © 2005

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Managing cultural diversity


Managing Cultural Diversity in Technical Professions

by Lionel Laroche – Routledge Publications, Copyright © 2003




dangers and opportunities


Danger and Opportunity: Bridging cultural diversity for competitive advantage

by Lionel Laroche and Caroline Yang – Routledge Publications, Copyright © 2013




Trailblazers: How top business leaders are accelerating results through inclusion and diversity

by Redia Anderson & Lenora Billings-Harris – Wiley, Copyright © 2010




The inclusion Dividend

The Inclusion Dividend: Why investing in Diversity and Inclusion pays off

by Mark Kaplan & Mason Donovan – Bibliomotion, Copyright © 2013






Other online available reports:




What Gets Measured Gets Done: Measuring the Return on Investment of Diversity and Inclusion

by Cathy Gallagher-Louisy, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, Copyright © 2013





 Addressing Fear and Resistance – Toolkit for Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners

by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and InclusionCopyright © 2014






“The great Canadian Skills Mismatch: People without jobs, jobs without people and MORE”

by Rick Miner, Ph.D., Copyright © 2014




Meeting the diversity challenge at pepsico


“Meeting the Diversity Challenge at PepsiCo: The Steve Reinemund Era”

by David A. Thomas and Stephanie J. Creary, Harvard Business School, Copyright © 2009





Deloitte. Only skin deep


 “Only skin deep? Re-examining the business case for diversity”

by Deloitte, Copyright © 2011