10. Enhance your Cultural Intelligence. Interview of Rhonda Singer, Vice President Global Talent at Global Learning

Rhonda SingerA few weeks ago, at the occasion of a diversity conference, I attended a workshop facilitated by Rhonda Singer, Vice President Global Talent at Global Learning. With more than 17 years of experience, Rhonda counts among the trailblazers in the field of Cultural Intelligence. Also called Cultural Quotient (CQ), Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures, and applies to all contexts (national, ethnic, organizational, generational, and others).

I discovered Cultural Intelligence about a year ago, and I recently had for the first time the opportunity to learn directly from a professional of this field. Being myself passionate of cultures, I was eager to hear more from Rhonda, who enthusiastically accepted to answer my questions.

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9. When religions meet. Interview of Fatih Yegul, Executive Vice President of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of the Greater Toronto Area (IDI GTA)



After the Charlie Hebdo events, the question of comprehension 
and communication between people from different religions and/or atheists appears more important than ever. Are certain religions dangerous? How can we really trust people with beliefs that seem completely different than ours?

The questions are numerous and the debates endless.

I wanted to understand more what religions have in common. This is with this idea in my mind that I participated to an Interfaith Dinner, organized by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, whose topic was “How we talk to God”.

At this occasion I could listen to representatives of five of the main religions in the World (Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism) explaining, the ones after the others, how they pray. Click here to access the photos and videos of the Dinner. 

A few weeks later, I went back to the institute to interview its Executive Vice President, Fatih Yegul. I  learned about his personal story, the IDI, and his vision of the similarities and differences between the religions.

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8. Interview with Ruth Lor Malloy, Travel Writer and Owner of Torontomulticulturalcalendar.com

Ruth © 2015 Emmanuel Gallant

Ruth © 2015 Emmanuel Gallant


Last Saturday, I met my friend Ruth in a warm cafe in High Park, Toronto. Since I started the website interculturalconnection.org, I always knew that one day I would interview the one who gave me my first “multicultural arms”. She writes Torontomulticulturalcalendar.com. Ruth is undeniably among the most open persons I have ever met in my life. She has visited and lived in more than fifty countries, and yet she still embraces any multicultural event with an unparalleled excitement.

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7. How to become an expert in Diversity and Inclusion when starting at 35 years old? The example of Cathy Gallagher-Louisy, Director of the CIDI


Cathy Gallagher-Louisy©2014 C. Gallagher L.

One hour.

In this short period of time, I could learn a lot about Diversity and Inclusion in Canada. But I wasn’t expecting less from this interview with the Director of the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI)…


Renown for her report report “What Gets Measured Gets Done: Measuring the Return on Investment of Diversity and Inclusion, this Diversity and Inclusion professional cumulates over twenty years of experience in human resources and project management roles within corporate, government, and non-profit organizations.

Cathy and I met in a cosy tea room located downtown, right at the corner of Yonge and College, five minutes away from the CIDI’s premises.

Easy going and spontaneous, Cathy tells me about her unusual personal story…

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6. When multicultural photographers share their work to help promoting Diversity and Inclusion: How I connected with Dietmar Temps


Webmasters and bloggers sometimes have a hard time finding the right picture for their work on the Internet. They might either have to subscribe to a yearly membership in a photo bank or be limited by heavy copyright laws. But sometimes artists and bloggers might also share a mutual interest. In that case, they can help each other promote their respective work. This is what happened when I met Dietmar Temps, adventurous multicultural photographer, whose work blew my mind away…


Last month, as I was surfing on Flickr Creative Commons to find the best symbolic picture to illustrate the “Race, Nationality, Ethnicity and Religion” part for the website, my attention got caught by a particular photograph.

© Dietmar Temps

© Dietmar Temps

This picture of these two African boys vehicles both depth and sincerity. I found it admirable and perfect for my use. After I downloaded it, I realized that I would not be able to use it without mentioning the copyright of the author. The only problem is that WordPress, which I am using for interculturalconnection, would not allow me to insert a caption on the template.

Therefore, I decided the best thing to do would be to simply contact the author of the photo and ask him for permission to post it as it.

After typing the name of the artist on the internet I could discover the impressive multicultural photos gallery of Dietmar Temps. More than simply obtaining his authorization, I became interested in promoting his work, as such shots definitely deserve to be seen.

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5. Review of “Managing Diversity, Toward a Globally inclusive Workplace”

managing-diversityLast week, I finished reading my very first book about Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace. Renowned to be one of the must-read references in this field, Managing Diversity, Toward a Globally inclusive Workplace, by Michalle E Mor Barak, happened to be a fountain of knowledge, perfect entrance door in this new area. I must mention that this edition is from 2005. A more recent version has since been released. This book has won two prestigious awards: The Academy of Management’s best book award for “the most significant contribution to management knowledge” and the Association of College and University Librarians’ Choice Award for “an Outstanding Academic Title”.


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4. Emmanuel Lopez: Movies about Diversity and Inclusion – Part 2

Emmanuel, would you say that movies help people enlarge their consciousness? That they help them becoming more accepting, caring of the other one?


Yes, for example on a new social media project on Facebook and Pinterest, I have collected dozens of stories from people around the world of how specific movies inspired them in their life or career. See Inspiring Film recommendations from Movie Lovers Around the World, click here.













In the workplace, movie examples are also used for showing successful, effective teamwork. I heard that a previous CEO of Telus made sure his employees watched the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World for building stronger teams and leadership.

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3. Meet Motivational Speaker, Emmanuel Lopez, alias “Motivatorman” – Part 1

Emmanuel Lopez

The first time I met Emmanuel was during a conference organized by CAMP (the networking organization of internationally-trained professionals in the Communications, Advertising, Marketing and Sales sectors). He was the guest of the day, invited to speak about how movies can make our lives better. He calls himself “Motivatorman”, an “award-winning Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Movie blogger”. I invite you to visit his website: http://www.motivatorman.com.

Very easy-going, Emmanuel shows a certain freshness, lightness and sympathy along with a strong optimism. All these traits convinced me to learn more about him. I find his blog is an admirable tool that open doors in all people’s minds, regardless of their genders or nationalities, and helps them see their lives from another angle.

Last week, we met in a coffee place in mid-town Toronto.

While wearing his rollerblades, Emmanuel showed right on time. He was just getting better from a bad cold. Read More…

2. Report on Korean Dano Spring Festival 2014 with Videos

Early this month, I went to the 21th anniversary of the Korean DANO Spring Festival in Christie Pits in the centre of Little Korea. It was a good occasion to enjoy some good music after a long day at work. I also enjoyed a lot lying down on the green grass for a few minutes and catching the last rays of the sun on this warm day.

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1. Diversity in full swing at Carassauga – 2014

Have you ever been to the largest multicultural festival in Ontario? This year Carassauga was celebrating its 29th birthday. On this occasion, 72 countries were represented in 30 pavilions at 13 locations across the city of Mississauga, for an intensive three-day festival. Last year, when I discovered the festival for the first time, I felt quite impressed by the energy mobilized to introduce the public to so many different cultures. This year was even more stunning.

This year, I was surprised to see that the staff of GO transit didn’t seem much aware of the event and wasn’t able to give me the right directions from Toronto to Mississauga. It took me two hours to get there from mid-town Toronto. Nonetheless, the experience was worth the time.

Like last year, I didn’t read much about the event ahead of time in order to increase the surprise effect. This is also why I stepped down from the Carassauga-shuttle bus at its first stop, far away from the main pavilions. Then I blindly followed a group of visitors who seemed to have an approximate idea of where they were going. They led me to a little church … Read More…