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9. When religions meet. Interview of Fatih Yegul, Executive Vice President of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute of the Greater Toronto Area (IDI GTA)



After the Charlie Hebdo events, the question of comprehension 
and communication between people from different religions and/or atheists appears more important than ever. Are certain religions dangerous? How can we really trust people with beliefs that seem completely different than ours?

The questions are numerous and the debates endless.

I wanted to understand more what religions have in common. This is with this idea in my mind that I participated to an Interfaith Dinner, organized by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, whose topic was “How we talk to God”.

At this occasion I could listen to representatives of five of the main religions in the World (Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism) explaining, the ones after the others, how they pray. Click here to access the photos and videos of the Dinner. 

A few weeks later, I went back to the institute to interview its Executive Vice President, Fatih Yegul. I  learned about his personal story, the IDI, and his vision of the similarities and differences between the religions.

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