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1. Diversity in full swing at Carassauga – 2014

Have you ever been to the largest multicultural festival in Ontario? This year Carassauga was celebrating its 29th birthday. On this occasion, 72 countries were represented in 30 pavilions at 13 locations across the city of Mississauga, for an intensive three-day festival. Last year, when I discovered the festival for the first time, I felt quite impressed by the energy mobilized to introduce the public to so many different cultures. This year was even more stunning.

This year, I was surprised to see that the staff of GO transit didn’t seem much aware of the event and wasn’t able to give me the right directions from Toronto to Mississauga. It took me two hours to get there from mid-town Toronto. Nonetheless, the experience was worth the time.

Like last year, I didn’t read much about the event ahead of time in order to increase the surprise effect. This is also why I stepped down from the Carassauga-shuttle bus at its first stop, far away from the main pavilions. Then I blindly followed a group of visitors who seemed to have an approximate idea of where they were going. They led me to a little church … Read More…